5 Secret Ways To Avoid Back Surgery
Do you have X-rays or MRIs that revealed a herniated disc, spinal stenosis or tumor impinging on the spinal cord or nerve root? 

Have you consistently had back pain or sciatica in the last 3o days?

And you’ve been told by a surgeon that you might likely not be able to walk if you fail to undergo a surgery.

Does this sound like you, but you are not interested in undergoing surgery because of the aftermath life-threatening complications?

If yes, you don’t have to panic; the surgeon wasn’t telling you the truth.

See! There are better ways of getting rid of back pains without back surgery or injections.

These secrets have been coveted by some surgeons because when you are completely healed from back pain, you’ll no longer come for their services. 

And what that means is that their income generation will drop.

While some surgeons, on the other hand, are yet to understand the fact that back pain is not a diagnosis, rather it is a symptom.

But today I will reveal these coveted secrets to you right here and right now.

So count yourself lucky for landing on this page and having access to read this article.

Without further Ado, here are the 5 secret ways to avoid back surgery. 
Eat A Healthy Diet
Eating a healthy diet is what you probably might never have imagined making this list, but on the contrary, eating a healthy diet plays a vital role in the health of your spine.

Eating foods with high sugar and fat content can do serious harm to your spine in that they contribute to the development of inflammation in your spine. 

And this inflammation can lead to pain and compression in the area.
Exercise plays an important role in the building of muscle that will sustain and keep your spine safe and functional. 

You probably might think that rest and physical inactivity is the best way to care for back pain, and while this can be of help in preventing you from overstressing your spine, a simple daily routine of stretches and exercise designed to strengthen back structures and muscle group in that area is the best path to long-term spine health.

Additionally, exercise helps get the blood flowing well and delivered to the spine area. If stretching and workouts are too taxing, you can try out aqua aerobics.
Maintain Healthy Weight
Unhealthy weight is unarguably bad and the complications ranging from diabetes, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure etc. can be life-threatening. 

You are more likely to be successful in your bid for maintaining a healthy weight when you change your habits, replacing old, unhealthy ones with new healthy behaviors. 

Though this might not be easy but it’s worth it, because a healthy weight ensures that you are not overstressing your spine.  
Physical Therapy
This is identical to exercise in that it enhances the development of muscles but differs in that it specifically targets the problem areas of your back. 

Physical therapy is known to be great for health conditions like pain resulting from sciatica or bulging discs.

Physical therapies have been yielding excellent results, but it’s not what you just start doing without the consent of a renowned physical therapist. 

In essence, it’s advised to consult a professional physical therapist in order to know what’s best for your case before embarking on it.
Spinal Manipulation
If your back pain is as a result of an alignment issue, then chiropractic or spinal manipulation can help you realign your spine and get you out of back pain. 

Spinal manipulation in the hands of an experienced professional therapist can help with disc alignment or pinched nerve.

These tips are sure to help you get out of back pain but in most cases, it requires discipline and an experienced professional to walk you through the entire process.

I’m talking about an experienced professional therapist who is sure to deliver on his promises of helping you get rid of back pain within a short period without back surgery.

Chad L. Byrd
Creator of Sciatica Back Pain Cures
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